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Our main activity is to automate processes and increase safety and productivity. We do it through systems’ integration, which means using subsystems independent from each other and make them work as a one and only system with a determined function, by means of specific hardware and software.

Solutions for your company

We provide equipment and / or skilled labor according to your needs.


Procurement is the process of obtaining goods, services or works from an outside source, often through a competitive bidding process or solicitation of bids. Through our procurement services, we evaluate and select the best suppliers, negotiate bids, manage contracts, support the purchase and installation of products and services, and finally evaluate the entire process.

System integration

Industrial system automation creates a highly integrated digital environment that meets the demands of an increasingly crowded market. Other benefits of system integration include cost and waste reduction. With the help of system integration, including Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA), Distributed Control Systems (DCS), and other control systems, we enable our customers to achieve simpler and optimized workflows.


The ATEX Directive was developed to ensure the safe use of equipment in potentially explosive environments and to reduce the risk of explosions and other accidents that can lead to injury or damage. Through our services, we provide the identification and implementation of equipment and procedures to prevent the formation of explosive atmospheres in accordance with the EU ATEX Directive.

Automation and Systems

Industrial automation is the use of electronic devices, computers, and other advanced technologies to optimize industrial production. We not only develop PLC software, HMI/SCADA, but also TAS, CCTV, intercom, F&G (Fire and Gas) system, ESD (Emergency Shutdown). The aim is to automate processes and improve safety and productivity. We integrate standard subsystems to work as a unit and to be transparent to the user.


We provide system automation solutions for various industries, from oil and gas to automotive, marine, food and packaging. Our services include design and implementation of automation and robotic systems, integration of complex IT solutions, supervision services, platforms as a service, software as a service, infrastructure as a service, IIoT solutions, flexible production systems, including remote access to plants.


Industrial devices use sensors, control systems and other devices to measure and control the conditions of industrial processes. These processes can be automated and systems optimized for greater efficiency and security. We provide install and integrate solutions from calibrators to valves and load/unload systems with the right software.


The purpose of calibration is to ensure that your device is making accurate and consistent measurements over time and to identify and correct any errors or discrepancies that occur. We provide calibration services according to the ISO 9000 standard to ensure correct and safe use of your devices.

Industrial Maintenance

Industrial maintenance is an important aspect for the safe, efficient and reliable operation of industrial plants. We provide industrial maintenance services with a team of technicians and engineers who maintain and repair facilities and systems. Having an effective maintenance program in place is critical to minimizing downtime and keeping your equipment running smoothly.

What our customers say

I trust the technical capabilities of the company.

Bruno Ribeiro

I recommend them with a favorable assessment from 3 contracts in the facilities of TGLS (Bulk Liquids Terminal Sines)

Abelino Correia

I confirm the professionalism and quality in the services provided by PLEXUS and I emphasize the technical capacities of this organization.

Marcos Lima

Good personal and professional opinion.

Júlio Martins

I recommend due to the high technical knowledge together with the zeal and accuracy in execution of works. Very focused people and receptive to the customer’s needs. Totally recommendable.

Edgar Guerreiro

Congratulations for your collaborations with schools and polytechnics. We should have many more companies with this vision involved in teaching.

Jorge do Carmo

I recommend for the competence and honesty

Mário Almeida

I recommend their competence, professionalism and proven availability.

António Teixeira

I recommend them because they are professionals. They are people of trust, integrity and quite affordable.

Bernardino Silva

I recommend them due to their response to the needs of the Parque da Boa Nova.

Laurindo Ferreira

Competent professionals with appropriate solutions to customer needs. Always available. They are an excellent company to have as a partner.

Vítor Liberato

I recommend them for always being ready to help, no matter what time is it.

Nuno Salvado

I recommend for the availability and professionalism.

Augusto Martins

I recommend for the competence, professionalism and deep technical knowledge.

Luis Espada Gonçalves

A company with very experienced and specialized professionals in their area of actuation. For the historical of our relationship with PLEXUS, I consider it one of our Win-Win partnerships.

Mário Guterres

I recommend them for the confidence I have in the professionals who work there.

Jorge Alheio

I recommend for the prompt answer and their good solutions in the industrial market.

Rui Dias

It is a trustworthy company and a great partner.

Fábio Neto

I recommend for the quality services and the knowledge.

Joaquim Rodrigues

I recommend them for the confidence that they capture, through their knowledge and experience.

Paulo Mestre

I recommend them whenever I can because I recognize good work and I have full confidence in the final result.

Patrick Almeida

They always respond to inquiries. Proposals received are always grounded and coherent.

Clara Louro

I recommend for always being available for clarifications, with prompt reply to the emails, as well and a kind and top level communication.

Frederico Vicente

The common goals is the base of success and the relationship between GALP and PLEXUS reflects such partnership. […] Your readiness and availability has great impact in our business.

Nuno Pereira de Oliveira
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