Quality Policy

PLEXUS develops technologically advanced solutions, allowing customers to increase their safety/security and productivity. The commercialization of such solutions is the organization’s profitability and sustainability basis.

We foster a good working environment to attract the best professionals. We are flexible in terms of equipment or material but we aim to recruit excellent people.

Happiness is the engine of continuous improvement. Only happy and well balanced people can give the most of themselves and make the organization progress.

We bet on knowledge as the differentiation factor so that our performance is, not only better than our competitors but, if possible, unique and unachievable.

Side by side with customers and colleagues happiness, we care about every person related to us, regardless of the kind of relationship.

We value zeal and ethics. Zeal because a work which is well-done shows who we are, even after the projects are finished and we are no longer present. Ethics, because we can’t have the best solutions or the most economical ones in every occasion. But we can always be ethic. Therefore, we prefer a clean defeat than a unethical victory.

Last Update: September 13, 2019